About Us

Welcome to SEOSPIDRE

We’re a professional, flexible, and relaxed agency. We provide the best service available on the market, at the most competitive prices, and you get to know us first.

Who Are We

A disruptive team of quants turned to marketing. We operate globally out of Madrid.

Our Mission

To revolutionise marketing through quantification, data, and modelling to provide optimised results.

What We Do

Reinvent industry best practice and combine with experience, to create cutting edge services.

Our History

Borne out of Madrid, Spain, SEOSPIDRE was founded by a young team with programming backgrounds. SEOSPIDRE began growing with locally owned businesses and white label projects before selling directly to customers. What ensued was the refined and diverse range of services provided by the A-Z digital marketing agency, SEOSPIDRE.

The Process



First we open a casual dialogue to get to know you, what you’re looking for, and how we think we could help you.



Marketing is difficult to measure, and therefore its important you trust that we’ll get you where you want to be through case studies and other data.



You choose your service, we create specific KPI’s, incorporate special requests, and begin building a scaffolding for the project.



We complete the world-class service and surmise the information in reports. These will be 100% your property, and be the culmination of our work.



The reports are explained, along with implementation. We clarify any questions you may have, and ensure you understand our changes.



We’re here to build relationships, not clients. We’re always available, and respect our open, casual conversations with both ex and current clients.

Want to speak to a representative?

Strategies can be difficult to stitch together with multiple consumer profiles and channels. Our sales consultants are trained to handle complex projects and can outline the best strategy for you.