Black-hat Techniques: The Difference Between Bounce Rate and Pogo Sticking


Black hatters are the trolls of the internet who try to bring down the rankings of other websites to improve their own. There are currently 12 Black-hat techniques that Google is able to recognize. Some of these techniques, such as bounce rate, are merely a nuisance that anybody with some knowledge in SEO security can deal with. However, others, such as pogo sticking, can be detrimental to a website’s rankings if it is not dealt with quickly. Staying on top of the security of your website’s content is essential in maintaining its rankings and, therefore, in keeping up with its competition. 

Bounce Rate

A website’s bounce rate is the percentage of users that enter and then leave the website after having viewed just one page. 

The time that the user spends on the page is known as dwell time. Bounce rates and dwell times are both taken into account by Google and other search engines when determining where a website falls on a SERP. Due to this, when an army of bots spams a website with bounce views, its rank is likely to take a hit, especially if it is not dealt with. 

What is a Good Bounce Rate in 2019?

Nowadays, any bounce rate that is below 40% is excellent while a bounce rate between 41% and 55% is relatively average. There are certain measures you can take that will effectively reduce bounce rates: 

  • Develop a better user experience by decreasing load time
  • Invest in web development to improve the appearance of your website; this will make users stay and explore 
  • Plan and follow a content strategy that will bring user traffic to your pages 

What is Pogo Sticking?

Pogo sticking is effectively the same practice as discussed above, however, additionally, after the bot army leaves your website without having clicked on any content, it goes directly to a competitor’s website

This practice is much more complex and has a much larger negative effect on your rankings. In addition to your bounce rate increasing, Google will think that not only was your website unhelpful for the user, but that another website was more useful. 

If your website suffers this kind of attack, you will see a large increase in bounce rate, and a decrease in rankings and clicks in the future. 

Do not be fooled by the fact that Google has stated that they do not take pogo sticking into account when they determine the findability of a website. Although it is true that pogo sticking does not directly impact the ranking of websites, it is taken into account during the creation of Google’s algorithm. Therefore, in the grand scheme of things, pogo sticking will have indirect negative effects on your search results as it has effects in the process of how a search engine produces results

How to Actively Protect Your Digital Content

After reading this article, you may feel vulnerable regarding the safety of your digital content. However, you can be assured that there are certain measures you can take that can reduce how targeted your content is: 

  • Make sure that the display and content of your website is of top quality; if Google knows that your content is valuable, you will be rewarded in SERPs.
  • Create content that targets the user rather than focusing on content that is attractive to a search engine; if the users like it, rankings will follow suit organically.
  • Be sure to use keywords that are effective and fall in line with your material; websites such as SEMrush and LSI Graph can help you with this.

Keeping Up with the Bad Guys in 2019

In today’s world, technology is growing at an overwhelming rate. Every day there are new advancements and with them come new ways of beating and breaking them. Staying on top of security is essential for any website to have a chance at growing. 

Here lies the problem: spending your time ensuring the protection of your digital content means spending less time developing and growing your business model. Therefore, as black-hat techniques continue to emerge and evolve, it is essential for a website to have a reliable SEO agency to handle these internet pests.

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