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Castle Sites are naturally high DA sites that allow you to publish content, and are resistant to fluctuating SERP’s.

Castle Sites And Link Blasting | SEOSPIDRE

What is a Castle Site?

A Castle site is a large domain that allows you to publish content, which is more resistant to SERP fluctuations. For example, your Business having a Facebook Page, is an example of a Castle Site.

Castle Site’s are resistant to SERP fluctuations due to their massive DA, backlinks, and the hosting support that the website offers. Facebook will never go “offline,” because their business model would fail, Instagram could never go offline, Google My Business may undergo modifications, but has become critical to business SERP display.

A "Castle Site" therefore, is any domain with a very high DA, has high traffic engagement, and allows you to publish 

These are particularly powerful sites because you can guarantee the survival of your page, even if your domain gets penalised by Google. Facebook pages aren’t penalised, and if they are it’s under Facebooks authority, very rarely Google’s. This provides you with a “backup” in some sense, if your website suddenly suffers in a ranking for your targeted keywords.

Castle Site’s also provide great alternate sources of traffic. Due to their large DA, Castle Site content can very quickly rank for largely competitive keywords, and will be far more stable in their position.

Why you need Castle Sites

Castle Site’s provide you with three core things:

SERP Security

Due to the DA and backlinks infrastructure, the domains have become very resistant to Google algorithm changes. This allows Castle Sites to “float” along fluctuations a lot better than niche sites, or traffic dependant sites.

SERP Security is important for any business, as you can near-guarantee that x site will be bringing in y traffic, over the course of several months. This doesn’t mean you can take it for granted though! Whichever Castle Sites you are using will likely require regular input in order to stay relevant.


Every Castle Site provides you the opportunity to attach a link to your site in some manner. This is perfect for building a broad, non-niche specific backlink profile. While they are not of particular “niche” value due to their breadth and nature, they do provide a very powerful DA backlink.

As we all know, high DA backlinks are critical in today’s algorithm, and provide your site with a reasonable, if not large improvement in rankings and relevance. Use Castle Sites to quickly garner a few backlinks that you can get quickly, easily, and completely for free.

Alternative traffic acquisition

While rankings are important, consumer intent, and traffic acquisition are the end goals. Having Castle Site’s under your belt will ensure that if something happens to your primary domain, you still have a source of traffic coming in for your keywords, or your brand identity.

People searching Castle Site specific searches might also stumble on your domain, which is perfect. For example if you’re an eCommerce store for night lights and a user searches “night lights linkedin.” Having a well designed LinkedIn page for your business, with all the major keywords set up will allow the page to rank very highly for that specific query.

Places to get started

I would recommend not using the following:

  • Instagram
  • PBN’s
  • Non-niche sites
  • Different language sites

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    1. Good question, it does seem out of place when compared to all the other major social medias. The difference with Instagram is that it is completely app-based, with the browser based content being mirrored from the app. This means that any content you post on Instagram with the intent of tackling a SERP is subject to an entirely different form of SEO first, being Instagram’s ranking algorithm. When you’re ranked well within the Instagram system, then you have to rank well for your target keywords through Google, which requires planning and tackling two ranking systems. This only really works for businesses or influencers with unique names that provide really unique content. For example a graffiti artist that works through Instagram named ‘asjbduh12kme.”

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