What are Google’s Answer Passages?

Answer passages are collections of text that provide greater informational value to readers, in the form of rich data extract from a site. Interestingly, this doesn’t require structured data markup, but is instead extracted directly from the text. “Prose-type-explanations” In a natural language processing patent by Google, they explained that when users are searching for …

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Cornerstone Content

Creating foundational content that will lead your content strategy in even the most competitive niches. What is it? According to Yoast, a leading SEO plugin for sites like WordPress: Cornerstone content is the core of your website. It consists of the best, most important articles on your site. Yoast Cornerstone Content are fundamental articles to your …

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SEO Ecosystems

What is an SEO Ecosystem, and how does it work? What is an SEO Ecosystem? SEO Ecosystems are similar to Link Farms, with the difference being that Ecosystems are completely organic, and drive more value than just backlinks and linking text. An SEO Ecosystem is a group of websites that are interlinked to redirect traffic, …

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