Off-Page SEO

Castle Sites

Castle Sites are naturally high DA sites that allow you to publish content, and are resistant to fluctuating SERP’s. What is a Castle Site? A Castle site is a large domain that allows you to publish content, which is more resistant to SERP fluctuations. For example, your Business having a Facebook Page, is an example …

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Parasite SEO

Parasite SEO involves stealing competitor traffic by using their own website. This differs from Barnacle SEO as Barnacle SEO requires using your own domain name. What is Parasite SEO? Parasite SEO is leveraging competitor websites to steal, and drive traffic to your own website. This is done by using their own websites against them, particularly …

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SEO Ecosystems

What is an SEO Ecosystem, and how does it work? What is an SEO Ecosystem? SEO Ecosystems are similar to Link Farms, with the difference being that Ecosystems are completely organic, and drive more value than just backlinks and linking text. An SEO Ecosystem is a group of websites that are interlinked to redirect traffic, …

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Barnacle SEO

How barnacle SEO allows you to stand on the shoulders of Giants. What is Barnacle SEO? Barnacle SEO, according to Suzana Joel at Synup: Barnacle SEO is using larger, reputable websites to promote your own business’ website and gain more traffic. Suzana Joel What does that mean? How do you “attach” to larger businesses and …

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