The LinkedIn Algorithm: How to Optimize your Professional Profile

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When people hear the term “Search Engine Optimization,” they quickly associate it with massive search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo. But optimizing digital content goes much further than that. 

LinkedIn is an example of a Castle Site, meaning that it is a site with a naturally high Domain Authority that allows users to publish content and is resistant to SERP fluctuations. 

Similar to Google and other search engines and Castle Sites, LinkedIn has an algorithm of its own that determines profile rankings and content visibility. This means that digital content can be optimized on the site to utilize the LinkedIn Algorithm and increase a profile’s presence. 

The LinkedIn Algorithm 

Ever since Microsoft acquired LinkedIn in 2016, there have been hundreds of tweaks and changes to the LinkedIn Algorithm. Every time there is a change, content on the site is displayed differently. This could mean that the content ranks in a different category or reaches a new audience.

Prior to the last change to the LinkedIn Algorithm, it was seen to favor powerful profiles with thousands of connections. An average user’s content would be outranked by a LinkedIn business tycoon regardless of quality of content. 

Although the LinkedIn Algorithm continues to evolve daily, its goal seems to remain the same:

  • Prioritize relevant content – the LinkedIn Algorithm continues to present users with the most relevant content available. Thanks to the last algorithm adjustment, quality content will always outrank its competition.
  • Promote engagement –  similar to all social media platforms, LinkedIn wants its users to engage with the site. The LinkedIn Algorithm executes this by rewarding users when they add to their profiles or publish compelling content using quality keywords. 

How to Optimize your LinkedIn Profile 

By updating your profile, engaging with other users, and uploading quality content such as articles, you can optimize your LinkedIn account under the LinkedIn Algorithm. In doing so, you will increase your digital presence and likely open the door to new professional opportunities.

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Begin by writing an introductory paragraph under the “About” section that is both interesting and filled with keywords related to your desired profession. Keyword research is highly recommended and worthwhile. Take note of all keywords within your field, their respective search volumes, and choose some that are highly competitive as well as some that are less so. The more keywords you use, the better the LinkedIn Algorithm will be able to rank you effectively. 

Connect with professionals and choose interests in your desired field. Continue to connect with your friends from all types of professions and select interests that you are truly interested in but incorporate some that are associated with your dream profession as well. When your interests, keywords, and connections align, the LinkedIn Algorithm will present your profile to the right audience. 

Lastly, and the simplest step, work on the appearance of your profile because it’s taken into account by the LinkedIn Algorithm. A profile without a profile picture is twenty-five time less likely to rank competitively than a profile with one. Additionally, although a cover photo is not essential like a profile picture, it can make a huge difference on the overall appearance of your profile and could be the factor that retains a visitor on your page. 

The good news is that you and the LinkedIn Algorithm are on the same side. This means that when you help the algorithm by optimizing your profile to display your interests and desired career path, your profile will be rewarded, and you will end up with the job offer you are after.

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