SEO Ecosystems

What is an SEO Ecosystem, and how does it work?

What is an SEO Ecosystem?

SEO Ecosystems are similar to Link Farms, with the difference being that Ecosystems are completely organic, and drive more value than just backlinks and linking text.

An SEO Ecosystem is a group of websites that are interlinked to redirect traffic, build backlinks and Domain Authority, and accomplish secondary goals for the website owners. These Ecosystems usually revolve around niches, so a Shoe eCommerce Ecosystem is likely to be created through website owners or a single person with multiple website domains.

If an Ecosystem contains websites that are owned by different people it is referred to as a Public Ecosystem, whereas if all all the domains within the Ecosystem are owned by the same person or webmaster it is referred to as a Private Ecosystem.

Ecosystems can be driven by niche, interest, or even cross-linked content, each of which provide unique benefits.

Types of Ecosystems.

Ecosystems can be Private or Public, and can be driven by a series of factors:

  • Niche
  • Cross-linking
  • Ownership
  • DA Growth

Niche driven Ecosystems are perfect for websites such as eCommerce, Agencies, and Blogs, where linking text and niche backlinks are great boosters. When niche driven, the Ecosystems functions to “prefer” the other Ecosystem pages for outgoing links rather than random internet links. This, by nature, creates natural link growth to a distribution of pages on Ecosystem pages, and also can be a useful redirect in terms of traffic. This also helps prevent Google’s RankBrain algorithm from identifying your links as fraudulent, and penalising you.

Cross-linking Ecosystems are driven by cross-functionality or complimentary services. For example a pharmaceutical business and a Health blog go hand-in-hand. The health blog will write content that drives traffic towards the eCommerce (pharmaceutical), and the pharmaceutical can create content based on the Health blog as a reputable source. Both parties gain, despite being in different niches and functions.

Ownership Ecosystems are due to the scope of the Ecosystem being Private, or Public but with Webmasters that are familiar with each other or have a quasi-system in place. These domains don’t necessarily have anything to do with each other but might have geographic relations, DA growth intent, or link farming intent which makes teaming up to accomplish them together more attractive.

DA Growth, similar to link farming, DA Growth Ecosystems operate to help the other sites by back linking relevant niche material and “link text.” Link text refers to the literal words that are portray the link to another site. For example text saying “SEOSPIDRE is a Technical SEO agency,” with a link to SEOSPIDRE overlaid on the text, will indicate to Google that this site is related to “SEOSPIDRE technical SEO agency.” This is more valuable when coming from externally linking sites, and thus by having these done in bulk on differing domains, a powerful DA can be built quite quickly.

What are the benefits?

SEO Ecosystems of any type and scope provide massive benefit. Primarily, SEO Ecosystems help the other domains build DA. Other common benefits include:

  • Drive content traffic
  • Build DA and PA
  • Rank for new keywords
  • Improve conversions
  • Greater external backlinks
  • Combined Ecosystem growth
  • Better image rankings
  • More video views

How do you become a part of one?

The most common method of joining an Ecosystem is contacting webmaster or website owners that you’re interested in having on board, and asking them! It’s the most simple, common, and traditional form.

However, SEOSPIDRE offers services to place you into Ecosystems without having to go through the filtration process. By becoming part of the Copywriting service, you will have access to public and private Ecosystems that can be used to further your content, DA, and other websites.

While the service is not free, the potential gains that can be received are beyond measure, and highly, highly encouraged for any growing website.


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We have clients in every niche across the world, giving us access to each Ecosystem type to fit your site in. Email us to find out where you would fit perfectly.

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