SEO Explained: Introduction

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During my experience as Head of Copywriting at SEOSPIDRE, I have realized how important SEO is in the development of a website and the difference it makes. Being aware of the importance of SEO is great but it’s our clients that need to understand it. Since we started, we realized the biggest problem we face at SEOSPIDRE is getting our clients to understand why SEO is important and more specifically, why they would need it in their unique and particular circumstance. 

The Analogy We Use

The objective behind this little explanation is to shed some light on the importance of SEO in a simple and understandable way:

In order to do so, I decided to create a metaphor in which a client’s website is substituted by a normal clothing shop and Google is substituted by a very wealthy and well-connected landlord. Therefore you, as a client, are renting your shop from the landlord, who has the ability to make it very successful if he actually talks about it with his friends. However, you must keep the landlord happy by managing your shop in a way he considers suitable and efficient (basically keeping your boss happy). 

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Let’s imagine he comes to your shop one month after you opened it and is disappointed on the way you are managing it. He finds clothing items in the floor, wrong price tags, poor lighting etc. He then decides he will not recommend your shop to his large group of friends because there are way better options than your little messy shop. That translates into a reduction of clients and therefore a decrease in income. After seeing how badly your shop is performing, you decide to make some changes and you start looking up companies that might be able to help you. 

You come across SEOSPIDRE, get in touch with them and they decide to take you in as a client to improve your shop. They come in the next morning and start reorganizing your clothing items, fixing your price tags, installing a new lighting system etc. 

A few days later, the landlord decides to visit the shop again and this time he is happy to see changes have been made, so he decides to recommend the shop to a few friends.

The SEOSPIDRE team will continue to improve your shop according to the needs of the landlord even if these change over time, bringing more clients and attention to your business.

This is essentially the function of SEO, to keep your website within the parameters set by Google so you are ranked better for any specific keyword. Although there are many more factors to take into account, the aim of this article is to put SEO into simpler words, so it becomes more visible and accessible for those who are interested. 

Our main focus at SEOSPIDRE is technical SEO but we offer a wide range of services ranging from web development to SEO security, to of course, copywriting!. The early implementation of such techniques in a website is key to its performance and will for sure differentiate it from its competitors. 

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