Agency Vetting

Ensure that your SEO agency is fully competent before you invest.

Results speak for themselves, but can be easily fabricated. We look between the lines; combining industry leading professionals with the best auditing tools, to fully test SEO competency.

About This Service

Multi-Language Testing.

Clear communication is critical when communicating from SEOs to clients, and even SEOs in their work. We confirm that your agency is capable of communicating to a variety of stakeholders.

Success Validation.

Does your SEO agency actually provide results? We trace their past clients, their current results, and do a timeline check of their old site. We then cross-reference to ensure that the results are substantiated.

Case Study Analysis.

We run the numbers, check the names, and we check it twice. At the end of our case analysis we can tell you how much of a role this agency actually played in their clients success.

Knowledge Recency.

With rapid industry changes, it’s critical to stay on top of the game in SEO. We test the relevant parties on their knowledge recency and general SEO knowledge.

Mystery Shopping.

Don’t want your agency to know you’re vetting them? That’s fine, we can pretend to be interested customers, and vet them that way. This provides better anonymity for you, while keeping the results uncontaminated.

White-Hat Assurance.

Don’t make a long-term mistake for short-term results. We’ll put our own personal guarantee on this agency at the end of our process, confirming they abide by white-hat best practice.

Standard | €350

All-purpose testing for all speciality, or general practice agencies. Additional features available upon request.

  • Language Competency
  • KPI Realism
  • Case Study Analyses
  • Reporting Clarity
  • Knowledge Recency
  • Total Industry Knowledge
  • Customer Review Tracing
  • Multi-Faceted Approach
  • CRM Testing
  • Complex Problem Solving
  • Transparent Communication
  • Success Validation
  • Mystery Shopping (optional)
  • White-Hat Assurance
  • 1 Agency
  • Report: SEO Competency

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Top 5 SEO Agencies in Madrid.

Understanding the reliability of your agency is a must. Ensuring your money is put to good use, is a must. The peace-of-mind, knowing that your agency has been properly vetted and that results will come, is a huge bonus. These are our top 5 agencies located in Madrid, operating from multinationals giants, to local eCommerce businesses and bloggers.

How has SEO changed?

SEO has seen dramatic shifts annually, with bigger and smarter upgrades always being released. The most recent of which is RankBrain, Google’s AI algorithm snippet. This was planted into their core ranking algorithm Hummingbird, allowing the ranking algorithm to quickly learn common SEO tactics.

12 Black-Hat SEO Strategies.

As black-hat strategies to tank competitor websites become more common for businesses to engage in, SEO security grows too. Most action must be taken through the respective Search Engine Webmaster controls, but a lot can be done to prevent damage being, rather than recovering from it.

Is your agency competent?

Guru’s exist at every corner, let’s ensure that your future investment doesn’t go to waste. We put forward a gruelling series of tests, questions, surveys, and analyses that will prove the value of your agency. In the long-term this saves you cash, and potentially months of unclear communication