SEO Audit

Identify your strengths, weaknesses, and build a roadmap for growth.

Wether you’re starting from the bottom or are already at the top of a SERP, it’s important to have a roadmap into different niches and an overarching content plan.

About This Service

Multi-Dimensional approach.

SEO comes in three primary forms: on-page, off-page and technical. By accounting for all three, no stone is left un turned in understanding your website from top to bottom.

Extremely Detailed.

Our Audit looks with extreme detail into all of the aspects we analyse. The smallest details will be scrutinised and play a role in our later-created Growth Roadmap.

Growth Roadmap.

We’ll take you from where you are now, create some KPI’s, and help you get to your desired final destination. We’ll be thorough, and ensure that this roadmap works specifically for your domain.

Implementation Package.

Have us implement all of your Audit information at a discount! We operate additional implementation services that will simplify the process for you, and ensure it’s correctly optimised.



Thorough Audit. Perfect for developing websites looking for growth planning.



Deep Audit. Ideal for established websites seeking grand content strategy.



Full Audit accompanied with complex content strategies. Multi-niche purposed.

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Types of SEO.

The three types of SEO that exist are on-page, off-page, and technical. SEOSPIDRE has special services provided under Technical SEO, and a wide experience with all three branches. Thus to appropriately measure a domain’s current SEO standing, a competent look at all three aspects is required. 

The RankBrain Algorithm.

RankBrain is an AI snippet of code implemented into Google’s Hummingbird Code. The RankBrain algorithm is capable of learning which traditional means of SEO exist, and down-weight them in order to counter optimisation. Through a full audit, your domain can be measured as RankBrain optimised, or be optimised as necessary.

Live Rankings.

Auditing and optimisation is difficult to measure in the short-run, with most work being paid off over time. Therefore it’s important to see results in order to validate an agency like SEOSPIDRE. With our clients permission, we pipeline their rankings into a DataStudio dashboard where new clients can view our success rates.

Ready to get your Audit?

Having an SEO Audit is the first step to success. Optimisation can only come when you know what is needed to be optimised, and that’s what we aim to show you. Through comprehensive analysis, we will show you your strengths, weaknesses, and create a roadmap for growth. Once completed, we offer implementation packages at a discount.