SEO Security

Prevent black-hatters from sinking your domain rankings.

Black-hat techniques have grown more and more complicated to take down competitor websites. Ensure that your website stays unpenalised with our security services.

About This Service

Rank Recovery.

A steadily declining ranking can be due to a lot of factors. We’ll make sure your competition isn’t the reason for your sinking rank, and if it is, to make sure that you get pulled out of the decline.

Rank Sinking Prevention.

Sudden sinks occur when drastic penalisations have been incurred, like Google “Black Marks.” These can take down your website permanently, or impair entire regions of your domain.

Copyright Protection.

DMCA Takedown Notices can be a hassle, especially if you’re churning out lots of content that your competitors find useful. We’ll ensure that your copycats are forced to remove their stolen content.

Domain Scrubbing.

Domain wide, deep penalisations occur more frequently than you may think. We have the tools and experience to pull your website out of the exposure crushing Google Black Mark.


€150 / mo

Keep your site safe. Best for static content websites; eCommerce, Media, Blogs.


€250 / mo

Serious protection for high-ranking sites. Best for multi-author blogs, or content mediums.


€350 / mo

Domain protection and content screening. Best for sprawling User-Curated-Content (UCC) sites.

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Google's Blackspot.

Google’s black-mark is a high level domain penalty, which occurs if there are egregious fundamental web rules broken, recidivistic activity, or illegal content. Once your website is tagged, it will be de-rank for every keyword, sink your SERP, limit your organic visibility and effectively cripple your Search Engine Visibility (SEV).

Common black-hat Strategies.

There are 12 commonly used black-hat strategies recognised by Google to quickly build DA, not take down competitor websites. These 12 are usually quickly detected by Google’s RankBrain algorithm, but include spam, unnatural links to and from your site, thin content, cloaking, and mobile redirects.

Security Actions for SEO.

As black-hat strategies to tank competitor websites become more common for businesses to engage in, SEO security grows too. Most action must be taken through the respective Search Engine Webmaster controls, but a lot can be done to prevent damage being, rather than recovering from it.

Get protected.

Compiling data from all of our clients live gives us the best insights into what new approaches are being taken by competitors to sink domains. We are aware of all strategies that exist, and are fully capable of repelling and recovering from SEO damage. Get in touch with us to see how we can help you.