Technical SEO

Fully optimise your website for Search Engines and Users.

Ensure that your website is receiving maximum exposure by optimising all the technical elements. This will set you a cut above the rest, and provide the best user experience possible.

About This Service

22 Step Checklist.

Our experience has brought us to 22 defined technical components that improve exposure on Search Engines. We implement and report on all 22 aspects throughout the technical optimisation service.

Customisable Options.

Every website is different and requires special attention. Each of the packages can be customised and fitted to fit your specific niche, requirements, and website type.

Quick Delivery.

We want you to rank as quickly as possible, and in order to do that our optimisations have to have a quick turn around. You’ll start seeing results much quicker than usual due to our speedy implementation.

Full Transparency.

Technical SEO has difficult vocabulary, theory, and involves many programming languages. We provide clear explanations of each change we make, and why we make them.



Complete optimisation. Best for small agencies, eCommerce, and blogs.



Complete optimisation. Best for small agencies, eCommerce, and blogs.



Powerful optimisation. Best for multi-niche sites or industry giants.

Let's Get Started.

Contact us for information, questions, or if you’d like to get started with a technical optimisation!

What is Technical SEO?

Technical SEO is concerned with Search Engines, Indexing, and the code that operates in the back-end of your website. This has direct effect on how Search Engines interact with your website, the information displayed and not displayed, and ultimately the user experience. Optimisation involves several programming languages and dozens of structural components.

Technical SEO and your Business.

By nature, technical SEO is meant for web-operating organisations that thrive through online exposure. This may be eCommerce sites, media sites, or brick-and-mortar businesses looking to drive local SEO traffic to their shop front. Ensure that your customers are not online seeing you, but carrying purchase intent as well.

Changes in the SEO industry.

As Search Engines implement new technology like AI snippets, traditional SEO becomes increasingly difficult and nullified. Technical SEO stands by factors that Search Engines cannot function without, and therefore resist industry change better than the traditional counterparts.

Ready to get started?

With dozens of projects under our belt, Technical SEO is our forté. We’ve had experience in many niches and are constantly finding exposure in new ones. Drop us a message and we’ll get started on putting you in front of the right customers, for the right queries, at the right times.