Should you be advertising on Instagram? Top three Pros and Cons of Instagram ads

Most Instagram users might have noticed adverts popping up in their feeds or while checking Insta stories, businesses have been drawn to advertise on Instagram as, being one of the fastest-growing social media platforms that promote creativity and innovation. So what are the pros and cons to take into consideration before choosing Instagram as the conventional platform for your advertisements?

Instagram allows companies to connect with a whole new range of audiences. Granting that advertising on social media should be an achievement that every business should reach, not every brand chooses to manage their branding in the same social media channel based on research that aims to find the platform that better conforms their branding strategy. 

Pros of advertising on Instagram 

Detailed targeting and meaningful analytics 

Instagram allows access to critical data points in convenient locations, offers full detailed analytics of the information generated by advertising, and provides useful information regarding transforming leads into conversions.

Whether you’re looking to target through demographics, interests, behaviors, or location, Instagram advertising ensures that your message is broadcasted to the right audience. Furthermore, Instagram contributes to a range of 11 campaign goals to guarantee that you are accomplishing your business goals. 

Based on visual content 

Research found that people remember 80% of what they see and only 10% of what they hear, making the sharing of visual advertisements much more powerful than any other type of adverts.

Instagram is one of the most popular visual social media platforms, allowing photographic content to be posted and shared by users, therefore, meaning that brands no longer require excessive creative budgets to create content to engage with consumers.

Ensuring that your company has more visual content to further appeal to the audience can be extraordinarily powerful to increase the brand’s visibility and attract new audiences.  

Budget control 

Instagram allows the company to set a budget limit on daily spending per campaign, making sure that your marketing expenses stay consistent.

This allows Instagram adverts to be affordable for different-sized businesses as, although some companies might sustain hundreds of dollars budget a day, many small businesses can enjoy the advantages of customizing the advertising budget.

This aspect grants successful campaigns to a larger variety of companies, therefore being beneficial to both businesses, as it increases the accessibility to a high-quality advertisement. 

In addition, Instagram has been reducing the cost per impression, in 2016 the CPM rate was $5.17 and in the first half of 2018 companies were experiencing a CPM of 4.91 therefore, although there is a higher level of competition on this platform, it also comes at a cheaper price. 

Cons of advertising on Instagram

Limited audience 

Although Instagram has a substantial active monthly user base, this audience is constituted mainly by users aged 18 to 29, making it challenging to promote products aimed to reach an older audience.

Many potential customers are not exposed to the content created by brands as they aren’t active daily users of the platform, therefore, certain businesses might find more worth investing their advertising budget on alternative platforms like Facebook.

Additionally, Instagram primarily reaches women, even though men use Instagram too, only 32% of Instagram active monthly users are men. Therefore, if your product solely targets a male audience, Instagram may not be able to maximize the reach that your advertising campaign might have on another platform.

Less advanced features 

Starting an Instagram campaign is reasonably straight forward, which surely makes advertising easier for businesses, in particular smaller businesses with less expertise, however, simpler Instagram adverts don’t have all the capabilities offered by other social media platforms such as Facebook. 

Lack of clickable links 

Instagram campaigns can be used to pursue clicks for sale however, the platform doesn’t offer the option to add a specific clickable link conducing viewers directly to a landing page.

Although there are some options available to achieve the same mean, this limitation can be seen as a struggle from some companies who heavily rely on an informational landing page to drive sales. 

To sum up

When considering whether to launch a campaign on Instagram or another social media platform it is important to keep in mind the pros and cons. Instagram is possibly one of the most accessible ways of advertising and thanks to its increasing popularity and the vast amount of daily active users it allows to aim a very large audience with a limited budget.

On the other hand, depending on the goal of the company, Instagram isn’t the most precise or advanced form of advertising, which might lead to some companies deciding to invest on other social media platforms instead.

In general, social media is a space where brand loyalty can be easily created or destroyed, it allows the company to directly communicate with its target audience showing the quality and value-added of their product or service by voicing their brand culture and delivering authentic content to users. 

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