Types of SEO

What types of SEO exist, and how do they interact?

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO concerns itself with data that is viewed by the User. For example, text, images, navigation, keywords, these are all on-page factors.

On-Page factors are key for ranking for specific keywords, and providing Google with a sense of what your website is. For example through using text, you can express that your website is about SEO, rather than the Moon. This is important to google, because now it has an idea of what to rank you for!

On- Page optimisation revolves around keyword analysis, good writing, quality content, and image optimisation. Images are optimised through alt-tags, descriptions, and captions, whereas keywords are tactically placed throughout text so that you can best match for a particular mid or long-tail keyword.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO is about how your website interacts with other websites. The Internet as it’s deemed, is about an interconnected community of servers and information sharing. As a result, the more reliable the information is, the better it will rank. However how does google rank reliability? Well they use off-page sources, such as links from other similar websites!

If you are writing a blog about physics, but all of your information is about biology, and you only get referred to by biology based links, Google will understand that your blog is actually about biology. This is a simple, yet clever way to mitigate what information comes from where and what it really means.

Furthermore, off-page SEO involves how much “authority” your domain has in response to your local keyword competition. For example, SEOSPIDRE has reasonably low competition due to the uniqueness of the word. By building the Domain Authority (DA) SEOSPIDRE will be able to rank first as a result of the relative authority compared to local competitors.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO involves Search Engines, Crawlers, and lots and lots of code. Search Engines have particular ways in which they work which are fundamental to their design, for example Crawling, Processing, Indexing, then Ranking. As a result of these 4 distinct activities, you can technically optimise every step.

Creating a smooth journey for crawlers, ensuring that there are no errors which lead to penalties, and then ensuring that the data is easily processable are huge bonuses in Google’s eyes. It proves your website:

  • Is reliable
  • Has been created by experts
  • Displayable to end users

Therefore it brings in much greater yield than both on-page and off-page SEO in the short term. Technical SEO is a long-term maintenance strategy that involves clearing out penalty codes, and mitigating spam & fraudulent backlinks.

To read more about black-hat SEO and the protection TSEO can provide, read here.


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  1. Excellent article!!! This article clearly explains the basic classification of SEO. If anyone wanted to rank for the keyword , they have to improve all the aspects of SEO. Thanks for the knowledge share.

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